I had a truly exceptional experience with the Dr Moo. Her attention to detail was remarkable, as she took the time to thoroughly understand my concerns and provided personalized recommendations. Her expertise was evident in her accurate diagnosis and effective treatment plan. What truly set her apart was her delicate approach, ensuring my comfort throughout the process. I highly recommend her for anyone seeking top-notch dermatological care.  

~ Nathan Solum

We've been coming to Clinic Dr Moo for my kids who have eczema problem. Dr Moo has been very helpful with how to manage our kids' skin problems, she is also very good with kids. The service staff are also very responsive when we contact them on Whatsapp. All good experience so far, for us. 

~ Mia Susanto

I have been to Dr. Moo's clinic a few times. She is friendly and very professional. There is also a high level of hygiene at the clinic apart from the usual hand sanitization. The examination table is draped with a disposable paper which is usually not done elsewhere. Her explanation is clear and she takes time to provide further references to help me understand my condition. Most of all I feel respected as a patient at her clinic. 

~ Freddy Teo

Dr Moo is very professional, kind and take time with patient. I highly recommend her. 

 ~ Maryline Desmis

Excellent specialist and team. Dr. Moo is knowledgeable with skills. After the experience we had with other specialists, Dr Moo is exemplary. She is an outstanding specialist.

We highly recommend her to patients who need her speciality care. 

 ~ Jeanette Lim

Dr Moo is not only an excellent doctor but she is also very kind and keen to take the time to explain her diagnosis and treatment options. She maintains, together with her clinic personnel, the highest standards in diagnosis, treatment and patient care services. Highly recommended for mole and skin cancer thorough check and follow-up, effective teenager's acne treatment, as well as treatment of skin allergies rashes and fungus infections. 

~ Nath R

Definitely the best I've found in Malaysia for mole mapping and identifying the nature of different marks on the skin. Naturally without the vast experience of those in similar jobs in Aus and NZ where they would be seeing skin cancers day in day out, but a sound knowledge foundation and very methodical and diligent approach. Not too rash with freezing off everything in sight either. 

~ Margaret Wing

Dr. Moo is the most attentive, present Dr. I have encountered in Malaysia. She is a fantastic professional, who is very knowledgeable when it comes to diagnosis and treatment, and at the same time she is very empathic and caring. I highly recommend her, especially to women who want to feel comfortable & heard. 

~ Gosia Kuczerawy

I visited Dr. Moo based on a recommendation. She is truly professional and takes the time to answer any questions you may have be it on medication, treatment or aftercare. Great doctor, reasonable charges and does not push any unnecassary medication. 

~ Damaris Kiat

Dr Moo is a very thorough doctor who has time to discuss any problem. Last year she picked up a melanoma at an early stage. Always prompt for appointments. A brilliant dermatologist. 

~ The Lockes

I was recommended to Dr Moo by a colleague. In my teens living in Sydney spent a great deal of time in the sun; now the effects of this are starting to show. I have twice yearly checkups with Dr. Moo and have had moles and skin lesions attended too. Dr. Moo is the best skin specialist I have seen in Kuala Lumpur. 

~ Bron Narsiman

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