Skin scalp nails

Conditions we treat

As a medical practitioner with special interest in dermatology, Dr Roseline Moo is dedicated to treating problems found on your skin, scalp and nails.

Clinic Dr Moo with its team work hard to offer top-of-the-line treatments for men and women, young and old, from infant to elderly; be it acne, eczema, infections, allergy, STDs; or nails and scalp issues. 

The clinic and its complete dispensary is equipped with wide range of medications including oral, topical applications (cream, ointment and lotion) injectables and others. 

We do not perform aesthetic procedures or 'facial'.

Skin conditions

Itchy and dry skin

Pimples and oily skin

Scaly skin

Allergic reaction



Sexually transmitted disease 

Genitourinary concern 

Infantile and toddlers 


Nail problems

Fungal infection 

Brittle nail 


Poor healing 

Growth around nails

Scalp issues

Hair loss 

Hair fall 

Itchy scalp 

Oily scalp 


Hair lice

Lumps and bumps

Mole Mapping

Skin cancer screening (mole check) is recommended for those with fair skin type, and those with personal or family history of skin cancer.

Total body skin examination (TBSE) improves skin cancer detection in those with focused skin lesions. Stop by our clinic to experience firsthand how a full dermoscopic examination can help your health.

Dermatology procedures

Schedule minor surgeries with Dr Moo for :

Mole removal

Incision and excision

Skin biopsy



Intralesional injection 

We offer proactive, quality healthcare in a safe and comfortable environment. At Clinic Dr Moo, your health is our priority and we make sure to meet your needs in a timely manner.

Laboratory workup

Working together with our partners we perform laboratory tests (blood, urine, swab, scrape sampling etc) to identify the nature of diseases.

Allergy test

STDs and infections

Autoimmune disorders

Skin biopsy & histopathology 

Immunohistochemistry studies

Turnaround time for simple blood tests will take 3 days whereby biopsy/histopathology a week. 

You'll leave our clinic well informed and confident that your health is well cared for.

Virtual clinic

To evaluate and monitor patients' condition remotely we use live videoconferencing. A private zoom meeting with Dr Moo can be allocated with real time audio and video application to enable direct interaction.

If medications are needed, delivery can be arranged. Otherwise, prescription sheet can be provided. Quality of care should not be compromised even when one opts to stay home.

For further information please contact our clinic assistants.